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Ragged Edge Solutions is a team of combat-veteran special operations professionals that provide innovative training solutions. We develop and deliver unique and ground-breaking curriculum, courses, and products to government and law enforcement personnel, as well as civilians and civilian emergency organizations. Based on extensive operational experience in some of the worst places in the world, we've extracted lessons learned to tailor custom solutions to fit any need. Adaptive and agile, anytime; anywhere.

Ragged Edge Services

"Overall, probably the best training exercise I’ve ever seen. Awesome… and exhausting."

US Army Special Operations Surgeon

“It’s been a long time since I was on an exercise so complex and so well coordinated.”

US Navy Seal Senior Chief

"Now that I know what prolonged field care looks like, I can better prepare my team."

US Army 18Z, Special Forces Team Sergeant

"The most complex casualty scenario I've ever seen, in training or real life, and I feel much more prepared now."

US Army 18D, Special Forces Medical Sergeant

"I've never been so confident in our ability to deal with a medical emergency."

US Army 18Z, Special Forces Team Sergeant

"This should be required training for every unit"

US Army 18A, Special Forces Team Leader

Dark + Woods

DARK+WOODS is an advanced medical training concept. With a focus on Prolonged Field Care and Austere Intervention, this course is designed to accomplish multiple high value objectives while streamlining efficiency. DARK+WOODS begins with three days of classroom instruction at our world class lodge. Following the classroom portion, students participate in a 24-36 hour culmination exercise designed to incorporate and build on the skills learned in the classroom phase.

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